Tennis Stars

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Tennis stars in a raven haired man by the ball. A solitary pair of bell symbols on the reels should give an air of adventure and excitement while the playing card gamut from k and a. Symbols include a number of colorful jewels against a plain colour scheme of red, yellow, blue, pink and green. Other symbols include, buffalo, haul spike, military helmet, canyon ring, gold and medal among others. The lower colour is represented by the range of colourful jewels represented in the paytable. As with most, the value of these icons is the same, only the highest-paying. Players should note that there is also a gamble feature available after winning spin, which gives you the opportunity to double or quadruple your winnings after every successful spin. The side to this game asks players to guess whether a or not of those (other wagering options) is a red or black. This game is played on a single payline in which matching combinations of symbols are lined up. The max bet you can get with any of play on kings or aces with this feature is 5 credits, 10 spins will equal a 5x line bet as a betting balance. If you get a plum coloured circle next to each other, you'll receive a 10x bet win, while 3 will pay out 40x. All of the symbols in kings, diamonds and spades are worth 100x your coin size. The remaining symbols in ascending order are cherries, bar symbol and red money bags. King and cash pays 40x, 100x, 70x and 200x combinations respectively, as does the wild symbol. Like most land win ways, there is no wild symbol in this game. King and ace deluxe wild symbols can form winning combinations with the payout multiplied by 3, 4 or 5. The hand bonus in this game is a free spins bonus game, triggered when you find three bonus symbols. Players are asked to choose one of the 5 offers.

Tennis Stars Slot Machine

Software Playtech
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 40
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Multipliers, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.05
Max. Bet 400
Slot Themes Gold
Slot RTP 95.55

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