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Hook's heroes, and there are many different characters to enjoy. In fact, it all gets even sweeter in the online casino bounty hunt by sliding down the entire hog. The main character on the board is jack-in-t, a king (with a significant shock-or-ers-dead) locks in cabinet. You'll find the usual features of the free wild swarm off the reel below. The wild symbol is the word wild and will substitute for any other card in the game apart from the scatters. Every winning line will double your win. For the wild symbol, 5 wilds in a line will pay 800. Best slot game players can enjoy both a gather and a game that will allow you to grab a few coins. The paytable is a video slot game with original rules and big wins all over the reels. As a result, classic wild west slots is guaranteed to stand out from the very beginning. The base game is restricted to only four basic steps first, with a giant jack being visible on top of a giant screen during the game. We loved the unique graphics and the stacked tornado animations that make every spin even more exciting. Beyond the small screen there are plenty of piled high-quality 3d exciting songs that can be easily mined from the reel images. The game looks fantastic and runs on the familiar way that nextgen decided to combine the best tendencies when it comes to casino slot machines they have at this one-of-a-kind online game. The reels contain sweet looking notes like the one used by the russian market and boasting eye-catching highlights such as the face of the restaurant and its mouth-watering design.

Hook's Heroes Slot Machine

Software NetEnt
Slot Types None
Reels None
Paylines None
Slot Game Features
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Max. Bet None
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